Friday, October 9, 2015

While lips are still red

Hi my pretty ladies :)

Lately I have been super busy with some new projects I'm working on such as Mipnellie, 2saigon and Hello Bacsi. I would appreciate if you could have a check on those pages and love it like you do with XN Styles. 

Mipnellie is a fashion - lifestyle blog in Vietnamese that I'm running with another insane Aquarius girl. You can find some inspirational story about life of a 20 and 25 years old girls. Also beauty tips, skincare, fashion trends and other cool stuffs.

2saigon  is a house of people who falling in love with Saigon. This is a non-profit project, we want to spread the love and make something special for our beloved city.

Hello Bacsi: is a health platform developed by Hello Health Group. We has one mission: to inspire, promote and contribute to healthy living. All articles on Hello Bacsi are always published after being reviewed by our medical professionals.

Cheers <3

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